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Faceland Tables

Work in progress world-building tables for the Faceland sphere

Note: “proxies” is the general term for Masks, Dolls and Puppets, which act as physical proxies for their controllers.


  1. There is no actual central authority banning humans, but everyone believes there is; everyone has a different, hushed theory on who the authority is.

  2. A person’s choice of how much “human” to display, reveal, mimic, etc in their proxy tells a great deal about their personality, their desire for the human perhaps, perhaps just social shock-value, perhaps daring protest.
  3. There are rumors of a colony of Non-Proxied Humans somewhere out there. Maybe they were banished, maybe they escaped. Whatever the cause, it is said that they are free of proxies forever, and live normal, if difficult human lives.
  4. As with any economy of identity, proxies can be had for next to nothing, ill-fitting second hand, black market knock-offs, obsolete earlier versions, failed R&D experiments.
  5. The inverse is of course true: those with means can commission very valuable and powerful proxies. As with the rich everywhere, only a handful of individuals use this power for good; the rest create overly ostentatious proxies to display their wealth and maintain their power.


Most inhabitants of Faceland are skilled in all manner of deception. Here’s a short list of their skills

  1. Voices
  2. Ventriloquism
  3. Hiding
  4. Looking away from the truth
  5. Manipulation
  6. Obfuscation
  7. Performing
  8. Storytelling
  9. Exaggeration
  10. Etiquette
  11. Self-deception
  12. Shared fiction
  13. Crafting
  14. Possession
  15. Restraint
  16. Control
  17. Infusion
  18. Strings
  19. Pleasantries
  20. Betrayal