What's That Crow Up To?

black and white sketch of a crow


1 Being eaten by a hawk. How much is left?
2 Being loud. Why?
3 Breathing its last breath. What killed it?
4 Choking on something. What did it eat?
5 Escaping. How is it trapped?
6 Gesturing to be followed. Where will it take you?
7 Hanging out with Odin. Is this Odin a God or a dog?
8 Hiding from a predator. Who or what is hunting it?
9 Holding open a portal. To / from where?
10 Looking for shiny things. Do the players have any showing?
11 Perching on a Leyline. Why does it need the Leyline’s power?
12 Pontificating. What makes it think it is special?
13 Preening intently. Is it beautiful?
14 Prophesying. What has it foreseen?
15 Singing a song with a man. Why are they so happy?
16 Summoning the Crow God. What sacrifice is demanded?
17 Talking to a fox. What are they discussing?
18 Waiting for its friends. Who are its friends?
19 Wanting to trade a shiny thing for food. What is the shiny thing?
20 Watching you intently. Is it actually a crow?