cover of an infinity of ships book
An Infinity of Ships
An Infinity of Ships
An Infinity of Ships
An Infinity of Ships
An Infinity of Ships

An Infinity of Ships

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  • Digital Pack
  • Hardcover
An Infinity of Ships is an expansive toolkit for creating truly unique spaceships for your sci-fi tabletop roleplaying games. Featuring dozens of ships illustrated by Rob Turpin (aka thisnorthernboy) and over 100 pages of tables, generators and adventures, this gorgeous hardcover book and accompanying card deck is the perfect resource for spacefaring GMs and players alike.

NOTE: this is the page for the Digital Pack only. 

Physical copies can be pre-ordered at our BackerKit shop, and include a copy of the Digital Pack.

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The Digital Pack currently contains:
  1. A coloring book with over 20 pages of ships, bots and drones!
  2. 3D print files for the Deep Space 909 (ornament version!) 
  3. Lego build instructions for the Roland-class experimental scout
  4. A far-future holiday "jungle jingle" based on Auld Lang Sine(waves), composed by Aeon Cub

The Digital Pack will ultimately include:
  • High quality images of many of the spaceships in the book, in color and b&w
  • A high-quality PDF of the book
  • Digital version of the Instant Star Ship card deck
  • A Traveller deck plan of one of the ships
  • Additional 3D print files of a few of the ships
We will be adding these as they are completed.

All physical purchases of the Infinity of Ships book include the Digital Pack.

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Once you pre-order your book there, you will receive access to the Digital Pack here.

What's included?

  • SPACESHIPS! beautifully illustrated & full of flavor, ready to drop into the action in your favorite system
  • TABLES! covering everything from ship names and classes, to experimental tech, AI personalities, far-future music genres, and strange robot crews
  • ADVENTURE! one-shots, adventure seeds, encounter tables, and other ship-centric shenanigans to intrigue and engage your players

With a wide and inclusive range of styles and tones, An Infinity of Ships can be used to create spaceships that fit in any sci-fi galaxy and at every type of table.


So what can you do with An Infinity of Ships?

  • Remix a one-of-kind ship concept from over 1,000 names216 classes, and 36 ship profiles, from Traders and Scouts to Research Vessels and Jumpliners. 
  • Equip your ship with experimental tech: Grav Arrays, Glitch Scoops, Subscription-Based Life Support, and more.
  • Match wits with your ship’s AI, bearing a unique personality and skills
  • Create governmentscorporationsfactionscults, and fandoms that own that ship you just stole
  • Mash-up some interesting NPCs, like Ife, an Outcast Engineer with Self-Arranging Meta Flowers; or Pol, a Kitbashed Collector with a Cybernetic Eye and Antique Lighter   
  • "Ship" your spaceships with our guidelines for spaceship gender, orientation and relationships (and meet a lesbian spaceship created by Jess Levine, creator of going rogue 2e and I Have the High Ground!)
  • And more...

Glorious spaceships in color and black and white

Every spaceship in the book is included as high resolution digital images, in both the original colors, and in black and white versions so you can create your own unique color palettes.

Dozens of Spaceships